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Interior / Exterior Window Washing

For hard to reach inside windows, we are extremely careful with our ladders inside.

We will make sure the tops of our ladders have towels wrapped around in order to make sure we do not scratch any walls or window frames.

First we will dust/wipe around the inside ledges, then wash the glass using squeegees/sponges and our proven glass cleaning mixture.

For the outside, we make sure to clean the frames first and then the glass. We can also clean inside the window sliding tracks at your request.

An important Calgary house detailing service we provide is interior and exterior window cleaning. We tackle those hard-to-clean windows.

You’ll love the work the Immaculate Exteriors team can provide for your windows. It’s downright beautiful, and you’ll love every detail of the work we do for you. Are dirty windows obstructing your view? We can help! We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your windows are thoroughly cleaned. If you are in need of a professional window cleaning, give us a call. We are quick, detailed and reliable. We guarantee our work and promise to leave your view in better shape than when we arrived.

Serving: Calgary and surrounding areas

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