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Immaculate Maintenance and Exteriors

Immaculate Exteriors believes that every window should have its own glow. That’s why we do what we do, we want you to be happy and proud to live in an Immaculate home. Our window washing experts clean all windows leaving a spotless shine.

We can either use our squeegees/sponges, or our deionizer foam brush to clean your windows. Everything else can be cleaned with either our telescopic brush or with our pressure washer. Whichever your prefer and whichever will work best. Our other services include Christmas Lights Installation, Lawn Maintenance & Gutter Cleaning.

Everyone would like to have a clean house both inside and out. If your house has accumulated dirt, mold, mildew, grime or other unwanted additions over the years, we will clean those hard to reach places for you. Keeping your house clean will protect your property value and it will make you feel great.

Our professionally trained employees are provided with new equipment in order to make sure the exterior of your home is cleaned strategically and respectfully. Exterior walls are washed from the gutter edge down to the bottom. Additionally, we can clean out gutters if you feel an aversion to climbing up a ladder.

We can literally clean anything you would like us too on the outside of your home! We can access hard to reach places. Our simple and effective cleaning methods work even on your under soffits located under your gutters.

The Immaculate Guarantee is simple, we are only happy when you are smiling ear to ear. That is why we have created a strong reputation across Alberta for superior quality and workmanship. We are only happy when you are completely satisfied and we will even come back if we missed a spot! We take our clients seriously so please never hesitate to let us know your comments or concerns. Our guarantee includes us coming to your home ASAP which means within the next week.

In addition to exterior house cleaning, Immaculate Exteriors helps you take care of your lawn. We do not cut grass but we do help it grow! Ask us about our services which include aeration, fertilization and seeding. We want to see a luscious green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors. Ask about our lawn care services and any window exterior property cleaning by calling 403-828-2351.

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