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Exterior Washing

Everyone would like to have a clean house both inside and out. If your house has accumulated dirt, mold, mildew, grime or other unwanted additions over the years, we will clean those hard to reach places for you. Keeping your house clean will protect your property value and it will make you feel great.
Our professionally trained employees are provided with new equipment in order to make sure the exterior of your home is cleaned strategically and respectfully. Exterior walls are washed from the gutter edge down to the bottom. Additionally, we can clean out gutters if you feel an aversion to climbing up a ladder.
We can literally clean anything you would like us too on the outside of your home! We can access hard to reach places. Our simple and effective cleaning methods work even on your under soffits located under your gutters.


Interior Washing

Keeping your windows clean improves the health of your home and we service your home in a cost-effective manner. Immaculate Exteriors’ professionally trained employees have experienced cleaning many windows no matter the height or size. We clean high to reach areas inside your home and we will make sure to dust in the areas where it is hard for you to reach. With the addition of interior window cleaning, make sure to call in and ask for property maintenance packages that are included. Clean windows make a big difference in the look of your home; nothing is better than having a window sparkle in the sunlight! We would not just make sure it is clean, we will make sure that all, or a select few of your windows become immaculate.

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Gutter Cleaning

As we clean your gutter interiors, we will make sure to collect and bag all of the debris, examine you gutter guards for proper protection, flush the gutter drainage system, and finally, inspect the overall condition of your gutter system.
Clogged rain gutters and downspouts can have very damaging effects if left untreated. Your home’s health can be severely affected by gutters that are full of leaves, or twigs and branches.An abundance of rain water that accumulates within your gutter, will over flood out of the front and wash away landscaping or this may flood your garden, or parts of your lawn beneath. This may also cause water seepage and cracks in your foundation leading to a flood in your basement.To avoid these damaging problems, your gutters must remain free of debris all year round.Not only will we make sure your gutters are immaculate, we will also clean out your downspouts. Our special oxidation removal solution will make sure your gutters look brand new! gutter cleaning at its finest.
We also provide driveway and siding cleaning and foundation repair.

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Our company will:
• Provide a free estimate for you and your neighbours.
• Quality work up to your expectations with a complete cleanup.
• Premium cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment.
• Interact with you via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.
• Dedicated window cleaners who work in a positive environment.
• Final payment may be collected when you are fully satisfied.

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