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Exterior Maintenance/ Cleaning Services

Roof/Shingle Cleaning: Our professionals are trained in fall protection safety awareness. We carefully brush the debris off of your shingles into piles before carefully lowering it down in our buckets onto the ground. We compost all of the debris.

Moss removal/control: Using our roof cleaning solvent, first we kill the moss, once the moss is dead, we will brush it off of your shingles until it is fully removes making your roof look brand new again! After the roof is fully cleared, we spray our 30 second spray and walk away all over the shingles so that the moss is deterred from returning in the future.

Gutter Cleaning/Flushing: Our highly trained staff use a 3 step process to clear out your gutters. First using our gutter cleaning tools, we remove the majority of the debris, dirt and/or shingle sand out of the eavestrough. The remaining material is flushed out with a hose. If we notice the water being clogged up in a particular area, we will focus on the downspout and unclog it. when the water moves freely through the eavestrough, and down through the downspout our work is complete.

Exterior House Scrubbing: When booking an exterior clean, our staff are instructed to clean everything that is attached to your home. Our staff come equipped with highly effective cleaning tools which is a water fed telescopic pole with a brush on the top of it. We take the time to scrub each and every inch of your siding and rinse it shortly after. We always clean from top to bottom starting with the exterior gutters. While scrubbing the siding down, we give the windows/frames a prewash as well. If we see spider webs in the corners around your house, our telescopic water fed brush is extremely effective at knocking them off and rinsing them down as well. We will also brush and rinse any pillars, posts, railings and finally your garage door.

Interior/Exterior Window Washing: For hard to reach inside windows, we are extremely careful with our ladders inside. We will make sure the tops of our ladders have towels wrapped around in order to make sure we do not scratch any walls or window frames. First we will dust/wipe around the inside ledges, then wash the glass using squeegees/sponges and our proven glass cleaning mixture. For the outside, we make sure to clean the frames first and then the glass. We can also clean inside the window sliding tracks at your request.

Pressure Cleaning: For decks, balconies, walkways & driveways & entrance ways, we recommend having it pressure washed. Our staff the the time to pressure wash very meticulously in order to wash all of the dirt/grime off. At your request, we may also pressure wash any patio furniture or whatever else you desire!

Spring/Fall Cleanups: We will rake and bag all leaves, debris, clean up flower beds and prepare your yard for the upcoming season. We offer free quotes for any or all services. Spring or Fall cleanups come at a discount if you book a different service at the same time!

Lawn Care: In the early spring or late fall, we recommend having us come out to power rake your lawn. This includes us, removing the top layer of dead grass(thatch) in order for your lawn to breath the air. After power raking, we trim around the edges of your property, mow your lawn, remove & bag the dead grass. when your lawn is clean, we recommend opening it up by aerating. Aeration will pull out 2-3 inch cores all over the lawn allowing, air, water & nutrients to reach your root level. Once you lawn is opened up, we recommend adding some nutrients onto and into the grass! That nutrients would include either an over-seed, fertilizer or a mixture of the two. Call us in for a free quote today!


Foundation Repair:

Crack in your foundation/ basement? We have over a decade of foundation repair experience. Trust Immaculate to make sure that no water ever seeps into your basement again. Choose between, one holer patch, a full wall patch with weeping tile & sump pump installation or full foundation wrap with sump pump installation. We have competitive rates and offer a warranty with our services. We will give you multiple options in order to restore/repair your concrete based on your budget. Free quotes. Call or text 4038282351 today!

Step by Step process for fixing crack:
Step 1: Dig a 5ft x 2ft hole down to the bottom of the foundation (footing)
Step 2: Clean the cement wall/expose the crack
Step 3: Seal the crack with foundation grade sealant
Step 4: Seal the crack with grout over top of sealant
Step 5: Tar the wall
Step 6: Let the tar dry for 24-48 hrs (depending on weather)
Step 7: Seal the wall with foundation wrap
Step 8: Add gravel to the bottom of hole
Step 9: Backfill hole with same dirt

** Fully Insured and Bonded**
**Full home liability insurance for your home and full WCB coverage for our workers**
** 10+ years experience doing these types of repairs**
** Will make your home look the same as it did before we arrived**
**Google reviews posted & references available upon request**


Holiday Lighting:

Immaculate Exteriors would love to help you brighten up your home for the holidays. Whether its for Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year or Hanukkah, we will help you install lights/decorations in hard to reach places, or wherever you'd like on your property. Don't own lights? Do not worry! We will give you a few different options. You can either have us buy your lights, buy your own lights, or even rent some of ours! Let us know your budget and we can give you an idea of what that will get you. There is no house or tree that is too big/small for Immaculate. Our certified installers are trained with fall protection, and know how to operate a lift/cherry picker. We have ladder experience and take the correct safety protocols. Our prices are very competitive and we offer free quotes/consultations. Call or text 4038282351 to inquire today!

** Fully licensed and properly insured company**
** Full home liability insurance for your home and full WCB coverage for our workers**
** Trained, certified & experienced installers**
** Have fall protection safety awareness**
** All forms of payment accepted**